Pinaffiliate Masterclass

Skyrocket Your Affiliate Income Using Pinterest

Imagine waking up every day to discover that your business made a ton of money for you while you slept…

It’s everyone's dream… “I’ll start an online business sharing what I’m passionate about, get a bunch of followers, find ways to monetize it, and soon I’ll be making enough money to replace my day job and spend my time doing what I love!”

Simple right? Well, yes, because it’s working for a lot of people!

But if you’re reading this I’m guessing that the whole “monetizing” part of that equation hasn’t quite clicked for you, YET.

Or you’re making some money, but you’re ready to take it up a few notches!

That’s where affiliate marketing can change the game.

How cool would it be if…

  • You were earning amazing affiliate income, consistently, even while you sleep…
  • You could diversify your income...
  • You had reclaimed your time and energy to focus on the parts of your business you LOVE...
  • You were able to relax about money and enjoy your life…
  • You were developing incredible loyalty with your readers because you’re providing them with awesome stuff they really NEED…
  • You felt inspired about your business again and were venturing into new creative territory…
  • You had finally cracked the code monetizing your online business and were creating the same success you see others achieving!

Pretty sweet, right?

But right now...

  • You’re putting in countless hours trying to figure it all out, you may have even generated a ton of followers, but you’re still not making any real money…
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the conflicting advice, strategies, and technical details – it just seems like SO much work…
  • You feel uncomfortable about posting other people’s stuff and worry about turning off your readers…
  • You worry that if you can’t make this work soon, you’re going to have to throw in the towel.


What is affiliate marketing?

In simple terms, it means that you are rewarded for helping businesses promote their products or services on your website.

You receive a commission for any sales that occur from your referral link. If you don’t already have your own products and services to sell, it’s one of the key ways to start monetizing your site so you DO have the time to create your own stuff. And it’s a fabulous way to add another income stream to your business on top of what you’re already doing.

But unless you know how to do it effectively… you run the risk of it becoming a huge time suck with minimal return.

You may have tried things to monetize your website with affiliate sales – putting other people’s links in your posts, sharing on social media, etc. – but it’s jut not happening, and you’re working a LOT of hours for very little return.

And quite frankly, you’re tired of watching other people succeeding while you continue to slog along.

I know how frustrating it is!

I hobbled along for over 2 years trying to convert my blog in to a real, live, profitable business. Time and time again, I would try something new that I heard was working for other bloggers, only to fail miserably.

I honestly believed that I could just slap a link within my content post and – voila – I would make money. And truth be told, I always felt a little slimy about inserting affiliate links into my blog posts. I felt like it was misleading, and I was just sending people to buy something so that I could make money.


This is one of the reasons why I was NOT making money from affiliate sales… I was doing it ALL wrong!

After years of making this mistake, I realized it was time to figure out what was really needed to increase my revenue with affiliate partners.

Today I generate a 6-figure income. How am I able to do this? Not because I have something that you don’t, but simply because...

I discovered how to leverage the magic of Pinterest.

I have put in the work and have created specific systems that generate passive income every single month.

Here’s Something You Should Know:

There’s a HUGE income-producing opportunity right in front of you with Pinterest, WHEN you know how to leverage it properly.

Pinterest is THE fastest growing website by member growth (many experts consider it more powerful than Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter combined!)

What makes it even more powerful is that it’s highly targeted – meaning it’s easy to find your exact right people and deliver specifically what they want and need.

Some other fun facts: Pinterest has over 100 million active users, 85% of them female. And what’s really cool is that Pinners aren’t merely browsers. They actually buy stuff based on the pins they see. And social media surveys show that Pinterest users not only buy more, they actually spend more.*

Pinterest was a game changer for my first site, Frugal Fanatic. It helped me to increase my traffic by 10x in 3 months. I went from getting 10,000 page views per month to more than 100,000 page views in a month.

And when I learned how to incorporate affiliate marketing into the mix, that’s when I was able to turn my blog from a hobby into a business that now generates a 6-figure income (and growing!).

Bottom line – if you’re NOT leveraging the power of Pinterest, you’re leaving a ton of potential income on the table.*

That’s Why I Created

The Pinaffiliate Masterclass:

30 Days to Skyrocket Your Affiliate Income Using Pinterest


This course is a step-by-step system that shows you how to leverage the magic of Pinterest to create phenomenal affiliate income while you sleep.

What students are saying:

"I'm getting so much out of this course. I was making $1.50 a month and so far this month I've made $30. I've only implemented the beginner strategies, so I can't wait to see how much more I could make once I implement the intermediate and expert strategies." -Alison

"This was the first digital product I've ever bought (mostly because I was concerned they didn't provide the value for the money) and it was AMAZING. I learned a ton that I am already implementing and excited to see the results in the coming months." -Lauren

It’s all about developing a steady stream of income for you while providing amazing value to your readers.

I’ll show you exactly what I did to go from earning barely $50 per month pasting other’s links in my posts to consistent $7k+ months of passive income, all through affiliate marketing on Pinterest. I’ll also show you exactly what you can and cannot do on Pinterest in order to stay within their guidelines and still make phenomenal affiliate income.

I break it down for you, step-by-step, from the foundational to the technical, and give you a simple, easy-to-implement, and repeatable system you can use again and again with an aspect of your business.

You'll Also Includes Get These High-Value Bonuses:

Here’s How It Works:
Immediately upon registration, you’ll receive instant and lifetime access to all course material and bonuses including:
  1. 4 Prerecorded Training Modules that include both video tutorials and written instruction
  2. Tons of done-for-you content including cheat sheets, checklists, templates, course workbook, and my personal affiliate funnel template and email series to model
  3. Access to our private Facebook Group for ongoing support and best practices

Your Investment
When you consider the income potential that’s available to you when you implement my proven systems and strategies, the value of this course is priceless!

However, I’m so passionate about seeing you take advantage of these powerful income-producing tools that I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to step into, no matter where you are right now.

Therefore, your investment for the Pinaffiliate Masterclass is just $97, or two payments of $55 each

This course is for you if:
  • You have an active blog or online business and are serious about increasing your revenue
  • You have basic familiarity with Pinterest and are excited about leveraging its potential
  • You want to build awesome relationships with your readers by meeting their needs and providing them with massive value
  • You want to experience the time and financial freedom of being your own boss and making money while you sleep

The course is probably not for you if:
  • You’re just getting started and aren’t actively blogging yet. If that’s you, you may want to check out my Start a Blog in 5 program
  • You have no interest in social media, Pinterest, or creating mutually beneficial affiliate relationships
  • You’re not willing to invest a small amount of time and energy in setting up a few simple, foundational systems to support your income growth

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m not very technical. Don’t I need to be tech savvy to figure all this out?

A. Not at all! I’ve already done the legwork to identify everything you need (and what you don’t need) in order to be super-successful with affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Throughout the course I break it down for you step by step, and even include basic training in the most common tech tools, applications and plug-ins. You’ll be surprised at how simple it is when you know where to focus your energy. You certainly don’t need to be a tech guru, but once you start working with these tools with my guidance, you’ll probably feel like one!

Q. I’m already so maxed out on time. Doesn’t it take a lot of time to implement and manage these systems? Plus I need to make money FAST!

A. If you tried to figure all this out on your own, yes – it would take you a lot of time, trial and error! However, I’ve already done all the legwork and figured out what works and what doesn’t, and now I’m handing it to you in a step-by-step, systematized way so that it’s easy for you to implement and proven to be effective in creating income. (Remember, I went from just about $50 per month to over $4k+ per month in just 3 months using these strategies!) Plus, you get instant access to the entire course as soon as you enroll, and if you dive in and implement what I teach you right away, you could have new affiliate income flowing into your business in as little as 2 weeks.

Q. I don’t have a very big audience, how can I really make money without a lot of followers?

A. That’s the beauty of Pinterest! It enables you to make money WHILE growing your following, and as a highly targeted vehicle it helps you connect with your “just right” people who love and share your content. Plus we have a whole lesson where I teach you how to increase your traffic on auto-pilot and I’ll show you which types of pins get the highest traffic so you maximize your returns, even with a small audience to start.

Q. Isn’t it deceptive to profit from other people’s stuff? I don’t want to be perceived as sleazy or slimy.

A. This is a great opportunity for a bit of a mindset shift. When it comes down to it, there’s no way you can personally provide everything your followers want and need. If you had a friend who you knew needed something, and you had personal experience with a solution that could enhance her life, wouldn’t you share it with her? In this context, selling is service. It’s a way that you are able to fill the gap between what you can provide for your readers personally, and what other needs and desires they have. When you learn how to approach affiliate marketing correctly, you step into a position of being seen a trusted friend who is able to point your readers in the direction of their greatest satisfaction, AND save them a ton of time hunting for stuff on their own!

Q. I’ve heard you can’t post affiliate links on Pinterest anymore. How can I do this effectively without violating their terms?

A. Keeping up with the latest Pinterest Terms and Conditions can be confusing, which is one of the reasons it’s so important to work with an expert in this area. My strategies focus on earning affiliate income from the audience who come to your site from Pinterest. It’s true that Pinterest recently banned placing actual affiliate links and items directly onto their site because there wasn't any 'value' being given to the end user, but you are allowed to send people to a post that contains affiliate links. In this course I break it down for you and show you how to do that effectively and correctly. As long as you have a website and a Pinterest account, you’ll be able to apply what you learn in Pinaffiliate Masterclass to create affiliate income in full compliance with Pinterest’s terms.

Q. I’ve tried affiliate marketing before and it didn’t work for me. Why will this be different?

A. I made a lot of mistakes when I first tried affiliate marketing too, even though I was trying to do the same things I saw others doing successfully. What I’ve come to realize is that the problem wasn’t with affiliate marketing in general, but with the way I was approaching it. Once I discovered the right things to do, and the right order in which to do them, my experience changed dramatically and quickly. If you haven’t had great results in the past, I’m willing to bet that you’re missing a few essential steps or that there’s a slight course correction needed with your offers. In this program I’ll show you how to find the right offers for your audience so that you avoid mistakes and missteps, and share my insider secrets to mastering affiliate marketing. Plus, you make the investment at no risk because you're covered by my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I’m so confident that the systems and strategies I share in this course are effective, that if for some reason you do not achieve results within 30 days, simply provide me with a copy of your homework and examples of the steps you took, and I’ll happily refund your money

It’s Decision Time

You started your business for a reason. If you’re like most bloggers I know, that reason is because you wanted to have the benefits of being your own boss – time freedom, financial freedom, creative freedom, to break away from the 9-to-5 – and to be able to do something you’re passionate about.

But if you’re not able to monetize your website, you may just end up creating another J-O-B for yourself, one that often takes way more of your time for far less return. I know that’s NOT what you signed up for!

If you’re ready to leverage the power of Pinterest to create phenomenal affiliate income (while you sleep), while sharing content you feel great about and enjoying all the perks of having your own business, I’d love to be your guide in this course.

Join us now!

Your Instructor

Addi Ganley
Addi Ganley

Addi Ganley is the writer, creator and voice behind, a website dedicated to helping people learn how to run a successful, profitable blog. Addi created her first blog, in 2011. What began as a hobby quickly turned into a business that now generates a six-figure income and over 600k monthly visitors.

Today she teaches other bloggers how to implement effective strategies to grow their blog traffic and income. She is the creator of a number of successful courses for bloggers, including her FREE course Start A Blog in 5, Blog Audience Formula and Pinaffiliate Masterclass. Addi runs her business from home working part time while raising her three boys.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

I’m so confident that the strategies I’ll share with you in this course are effective, I invite you to take a full 30 days to implement the course material at no risk. If you do not generate affiliate income, simply provide me with a copy of your completed homework, screen shots and examples of the posts and pins you created, and a description of your results within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll happily refund your money.